Painful Goodbyes

It’s 1-1-11, The first day of a brand new year and a new decade. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Over the past few years I have made connections; some because of family ties (our family knew them, so by default I became connected), others because of work and others from churches I attended. Because I LOVE people dearly I am one who dislikes separation, strife or disagreements of any type – but I realize it is a part of life.

I have learned (the hard way) that anyone who stands in your way as you move toward your destiny is a stumbling block. It does not matter who this person is. Family members are more difficult to navigate around, but in most cases it can be done. Sometimes we can win our naysayers over to our side, but many times they misunderstand our purpose and our intent so our efforts are wasted when trying to convince them.

Case in point: I have been a social network media blogger for about 4 years. Many of my thoughts and desires are out there in cyberspace and reflect my thought-processes at the time of posting. Many were self-revealing, as I shared some of my deepest thoughts, desires and emotions. As I wrote, I began to heal, and an amazing thing began to happen; several people connected with me because of what I shared. I knew I was swimming in unchartered waters, but I took the risk because I wanted to be free. I also knew that as I became free, others would gain that same freedom. I should add that I “knew” it in my head, but it was quite different to see it unveiled before my eyes.

Just a couple of days ago as I shared some information with a family member I was told that “someone” approached them about my writings online. They wondered if I cared about others’ perceptions of me in the future, and so on. Understand that the content was not derogatory or defaming and I refrained from using the names of people or places. When I remembered all the people who wrote to say how they were touched or inspired by my posts, I set my face like flint. I firmly decided that I would not allow anyone to get between me and my purpose, as I know that my writing is not just to show good penmanship or word-craft. The purpose of my writing is to be a healing balm to those who are suffering, confused, hurt or overwhelmed – or even just curious.

So I’ve begun my painful goodbyes. It is difficult to walk away from people whom you’ve known for years (or even met recently), but I now understand that people are in our lives for a season OR for eternity. I am allowing God to show me who is with me for the long haul and who will not be with me in the future.

I pray that we will all check our lists. Check our cell phone contacts and who we email. Review our friend lists on our social network sites. Will these people walk with us forever, or is our walk together over? Those who cannot understand WHY you do what you do may not belong in your future. Those who criticize your efforts – step away from them. Then there are several who may be successful but do not wish the same for you. Step away from such people as well.

The effect of draining energy will not support you in your efforts to build your dreams. Instead, turn to the Source of all energy (and strength), our Creator God, and bask in the light that shines from the faces of your supporters and well-wishers.

Remember this: Move away from where you are merely tolerated and go to where you are celebrated!


Author: shellylove2002

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