About the Author – “Life, Love and Other Topics: My Commentary”


Hi! Welcome to “Life, Love and Other Topics: My Commentary!”

My name is Michelle Cameron, and as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved reading and writing. Since 2011 I’ve published books, with three as of March 2016.

“It’s My Life and I Live Here: One Woman’s Story” was released in September 2011. This book shares my personal journey, from childhood memories in Jamaica, WI, to transitioning to New Jersey and all the challenges I’ve had to overcome.

My next book, “I’m Single: Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free” was published in 2014, and encourages singles to LIVE, and not just exist. My latest release, “The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny” encourages everyone from every level to pursue purpose, with practical steps on how to make it happen. No more excuses!

To order copies of all or any of my books, visit bit.ly/MichelleGCameron (Amazon) or bit.ly/MichelleGCameronBN (Barnes & Noble).

Stay tuned, for there’s more to come!


4 thoughts on “About the Author – “Life, Love and Other Topics: My Commentary””

  1. Michelle i like ur courage,but study this part of bible well pls 1cor7:10-11.pls God will give u undrstnding.amen

    1. Hi. When we read the Scriptures it is important to look at context, culture and content. We also need to look at the verses surrounding the text. Note that Paul is the one stating this premise (1 Cor 7:10-11), which means that this is his own perspective. In the instances of abuse or adultery we can be released from marriage. Please read Matthew 19:1-12 to understand the entire context of where my basis for divorce lies. I do not believe that God would limit or prevent remarriage under those instances, as the marriage ended because the covenant was not being honored.

  2. Kindly please consider sending me some of your books as a complimentary,we cannot afford to raise money to send and purchase these Books,its quite hard and difficult,but we believe that you could possibly be able to help and assist to enrich our christian lives,thanking you in advance.
    Rev lazarous chitamfya chitalu
    Bridges for Mercy Network Ministries,
    P.O BOX 37321 off cairo rd

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