A New Season

The song “It’s A New Season” sung by Israel Houghton and Martha Munizzi states “Fresh anointing is flowing my way; it’s a season of power and prosperity, it’s a new season coming to me”.

This is my story.

Since the end of 2010 until this moment I have experienced new things, some of which I cannot even quantify yet. New experiences. New results. New opportunities. As I walk through these new doors I am fascinated. The timing is perfect; I could have never orchestrated it any better. The line-up is impeccable. The mentors in my corner are absolutely amazing. No, I have not “come into big money” – not yet, anyway, but many of the experiences I have had are what I had only dreamed of in the past.

My advice to everyone reading this post: Prepare for the moment when all your tears will become smiles and all the “meaningless” work will become major projects! If you are single and want a spouse, prepare for God to bring you His best when you are ready and the timing is right. Be aware that when His best comes, you MUST be ready to adjust to receive His blessing. It won’t look like what YOU would have looked for.

If you are preparing to enter ministry or a new job (or both!), exude an attitude of gratefulness, humility and faith. God is an AMAZING God but He will not be rushed into anything. None of us should ever think that we can push God to work on our behalf earlier than the time He has ordained to be YOUR time. And don’t forget to thank Him every time a door opens or an opportunity presents itself!

Keep your face in the books. Study the Bible, read inspirational books from experienced authors and really get to know God. It’s one thing to read about what God can do versus living it out for yourself and KNOWING that He can do it.

Pray, fast, meditate, reflect, sing songs of worship unto God and love Him for Who He is to you. Try not to ask Him for too much……

Serve others. Serve those who you think “should know better”. Serve the seniors. Love them even when they forget your name. Spend time with those who do not have the blessings that you have.

Keep doing the things that God has called you to do and that He has blessed you to be. Don’t wait for accolades from people to set the example and to follow-through with what God has placed within you.

All these things will help you to prepare for BREAKTHROUGHS! As you serve, worship, love, give and care, watch Him WORK on your behalf!

I know! I am living it now~
To God Be The Glory For The AWESOME Things He Has Done!

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