Wholeness, by way of Brokenness

Have you ever been broken? Has your heart ever been shattered in a million pieces, or has your mind been broken by the cares of life?

Do you believe it’s impossible or it is too late for restoration and renewal?

Look to God, the Mender of broken hearts, minds and spirits. Look to Him for renewal and healing. He is the Master Healer; He knows how to create a new heart from one that seems to be destroyed beyond repair.

I thank God for healing me and for making me whole, inside and out. I thank God that I do not show the scars or pain and suffering I’ve experienced.


There is healing for the soul.



Taking Note…..

I am noticing that it’s the little things that really matter on most days of our lives.

In the grand scheme of things it’s those moments of quiet reflection, such as when I stop to look into my son’s eyes to affirm him, or during those moments when I smile with someone else’s little girl or boy (or baby) that really matters.

We want to do BIG things and fulfill our wildest dreams, but while we are on that path to success let us not forget to pay close attention to those whom may seem insignificant or unimportant at first. Just imagine, those small moments of impartation may be the fuel that propels others to fulfill their dreams! Long after you have parted company, know that you have left an indelible impression on someone else.

Make that impression a positive one – one that can last for all eternity.

It takes some focusing and discipline, but you will feel the warmth of encouraging another person with your smile and your kind words or actions.

I see it every day with my son.

I pray you will see it in your lives too.

Taking Off The Mask

We cover our faces daily with masks

To hide the pain

To hide our reality

To hide our sins.


We hope we won’t have to remove our masks

Because we will show the world

We are vulnerable

We have flaws

We are actually human.


We cover our hearts daily with masks

To hide our pain

To run from our reality

To rationalize our sins.


Then God steps in front of us and removes our masks.

We feel naked

We feel vulnerable

We see our humanness.


When God steps in front of us and removes our masks

We feel His love

We experience His forgiveness

And we become FREE.


He Is For Me

He is for Me

If He walks with God

If He shares His heart with God

If He is unashamed to be associated with God.


He is for Me

If He has placed the past behind Him

If He has decided to walk with His head held high

If He won’t be deterred by setbacks and barriers.


He is for Me

If He is determined to handle Me with dignity

If He has decided to stay with Me, and with Me only

If He has asked God to guide Him in how He can love Me completely.


He is for Me

If He remains accountable

If He remains humble

If He keeps Himself unspotted from this world’s enticements.


He is for Me

When He walks into a room and sees only Me

When His heart beats faster only when He sees Me

When He has asked God for Me.


Then, and only Then

Is He for Me.


Your Response During A Season of Uncertainty

If you are alive for any length of time, life will throw uncertainty on your path. That is guaranteed.

What matters is how you respond.

Are you agitated/anxious? Do you complain? Or are you relaxing, knowing that you will be taken care of?

Because I’ve been a single mom for several years, I tend to have the mentality of  “I will fix this myself” when uncertainty knocks on my door. But over the past year or so I have learned that I cannot handle it all alone.

During those moments when we feel as if we cannot take another step or say another word, God sends HELP!!!! (Thank you, Jesus – praise break – excuse me!) We are never alone – even when we feel alone. I called out to God and He answered me with what I needed!

So the best response is to ‘cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)’ It matters to God what we go through. He comes to our rescue if we ask Him to!


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