“Keep Fighting Until The Victory Is Won!”

From the first moment our church choir started rehearsing Maurette Brown Clark’s “It Ain’t Over”, a stirring began deep within me.

For as long as I can remember I have fought through some sort of setback or obstacle just to do anything worthwhile. I think it would have been far easier for me to either accept things as they are or just sit down somewhere and do nothing. But what I have learned is this:

  1. We are here on this earth for a purpose, and we must try to keep moving forward until we have reached our destination.
  2. Without living out our purpose,  life is very bland and meaningless.  I have discovered that attaining one’s purpose and life satisfaction are closely linked. This matters even if you have plenty of money in the bank, as many people are rich and dissatisfied.
  3. The longer it takes for me to see my dreams become my daily reality, the more restless I  become.

Nowadays, working on projects (at my paid job and otherwise) is not something I do just to pass the time. I am pushing HARD to meet self-imposed deadlines, gaining guidance and revelation from the Holy Spirit our Comforter and gleaning advice from mentors (as compared against the Word of God, the Bible) daily. I am at a different place than where I was just one year ago. Jan 1, 2010 and Jan 1, 2011 are almost worlds apart for me. Day by day new ideas come to mind, and I am working diligently to put in place all I have been given.

I must say this to those reading this blog entry: Keep fighting. Keep praying. Keep fasting. Keep growing. Keep going. It Ain’t Over! Stay the course. Keep reading. Keep interceding. Keep believing.

And don’t stop dreaming! This blog website is a product of one of my dreams.


Getting Back Up Again (June 2010)

For those who were unaware, I suffered a serious fall earlier this week that took me off my feet for about 3.5 days.

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Nothing to Fear – But Fear Itself

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

How many of us have heard this quote before?

As I reviewed some recent events in my life I’ve learned first-hand that this statement is certainly true.

I began to realize that my hesitation in many aspects of life stem from deeply rooted fear:

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Mommy Dearest

I am a single (divorced) mom to a very energetic, precocious 8-year-old boy. He asks questions faster than I can process them, let alone answer them! He is my bright spark in my everyday adventure called life.

He is the reason I push hard to become my personal best. I see A LOT of me in him (is that good or bad?) so I try to direct him to where I believe is best for him. He’s the type who says what everyone else is thinking (LOL), so I have that daily challenge of reminding him “Please don’t say that. We’re out in public!”

I thank God for my little guy. We’re almost eye-to-eye, so “little” is relative (or maybe it applies to me?). He keeps me on my knees and definitely on my toes.

Thank you God for my little bundle of joy!

I Worship You…..

I’ve been reflective for the past year or so on many things. Some pertain to me, others to my son and yet others are definitely related to my beloved grandmother. What I have discovered, though, is that I need to spend more quality time basking in the presence of the One Who understands what bothers me and knows exactly how to comfort me. His comfort brings hope, a spring in my step and a gleam in my eye.

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Real Love Hurts

I am learning about love and what it should look like. After taking a long journey down an undesired path several years ago, I am cautious about opening up my heart to others. Many will agree that we need to be cautious about opening up our hearts to others. Even in Proverbs 4:23 (NIV) it states “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

But I wonder, will I be able to receive or show love when I am so cautious and closed?

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Answered Prayers, Fulfilled Dreams (July 2009)

Recently, while reading “Just A Sister Away” (Dr. Renita Weems) I came across a statement that blew me away: “The first lesson to be learned was how to receive a blessing no longer expected (p. 114).” This statement prefaced an interesting perspective on Elizabeth, the future mother of John the Baptist, the cousin (and baptizer) of Jesus Christ.

As I read this section, I began to reflect on my life. I have seen many things, experienced several tragedies, disappointments and setbacks. Because of this ongoing trend and uphill battle, I’ve felt as if the prayers I have prayed and the promises spoken over my life were not happening anytime soon. I began to give up.

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