Mommy Dearest

I am a single (divorced) mom to a very energetic, precocious 8-year-old boy. He asks questions faster than I can process them, let alone answer them! He is my bright spark in my everyday adventure called life.

He is the reason I push hard to become my personal best. I see A LOT of me in him (is that good or bad?) so I try to direct him to where I believe is best for him. He’s the type who says what everyone else is thinking (LOL), so I have that daily challenge of reminding him “Please don’t say that. We’re out in public!”

I thank God for my little guy. We’re almost eye-to-eye, so “little” is relative (or maybe it applies to me?). He keeps me on my knees and definitely on my toes.

Thank you God for my little bundle of joy!

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