My Co-Parenting Journey; Raising a Son When Dad Isnt There |

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My Co-Parenting Journey; Raising a Son When Dad Isnt There |

Mommy Dearest

I am a single (divorced) mom to a very energetic, precocious 8-year-old boy. He asks questions faster than I can process them, let alone answer them! He is my bright spark in my everyday adventure called life.

He is the reason I push hard to become my personal best. I see A LOT of me in him (is that good or bad?) so I try to direct him to where I believe is best for him. He’s the type who says what everyone else is thinking (LOL), so I have that daily challenge of reminding him “Please don’t say that. We’re out in public!”

I thank God for my little guy. We’re almost eye-to-eye, so “little” is relative (or maybe it applies to me?). He keeps me on my knees and definitely on my toes.

Thank you God for my little bundle of joy!


I Worship You…..

I’ve been reflective for the past year or so on many things. Some pertain to me, others to my son and yet others are definitely related to my beloved grandmother. What I have discovered, though, is that I need to spend more quality time basking in the presence of the One Who understands what bothers me and knows exactly how to comfort me. His comfort brings hope, a spring in my step and a gleam in my eye.

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