Getting Back Up Again (June 2010)

For those who were unaware, I suffered a serious fall earlier this week that took me off my feet for about 3.5 days.

Before that, my son had a stomach bug and before that I had some unexpected issues to resolve in my home. Before THAT, I had a sinus infection. Back-to-back issues occurred that caused me to really reflect and cry out to the One Who knows everything and Who understands all that we go through.
I shared this with someone I truly respect and admire and she reminded me that I had ministered to the ladies in song at church just a few days before everything going haywire. She said the enemy of our souls is angry at me. How could I forget that???

After being laid up for days, icing and elevating my foot, I slept soundly for hours, read some good books as well as the Bible and reflected on God’s mercy. I could have broken my foot! I fell on my brick front steps. I was unable to do much without the aid of a wheelchair or my crutches. The pain was unbearable at first, then with medication and rest it began to subside.

As I am now getting back up again, limping and bandaged – but walking, I urge you:

1. Do not neglect the times that God is nudging you to get closer to Him.

2. Realize that the “high” moments (such as delivering a powerful sermon, receiving an accolade or ministering in song) can be followed quickly by “low” moments. Pay close attention and watch your response to the events that play out in your life.

3. Believe that nothing that happens in your life takes God by surprise. He knew I would fall and twist my foot; He knew I would cry tears of agony all that night. And He knew I would be writing this testimony after it was all over!

4. Trust God in the midst of pain. But don’t forget to trust Him when everything is going well! You need Him in both seasons.

5. When you end up on your back, spend that time to reconnect with Him and with family members and loved ones. My son and I had time again….I had nowhere to go, so I had time to spend with him that was sorely needed.

6. Let us slow down before we are forced to slow down.

7. And when you fall (literally or figuratively), GET BACK UP AGAIN! Don’t stay down. God gets no glory and you don’t gain the┬ávictory by laying there.

Get up and keep on moving!!!!


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