A Humble Beginning, A Strong Ending! (May 2010)

I have taken mental notes on my life lately, and one lesson I have learned is the importance of getting up after falling down and not allowing life’s setbacks to prevent us from staying on-track.

I can think of a few Biblical examples off the top of my head, but I’ll lay them aside now. Just think of Dr. Benjamin Carson. Ever heard of him? I had the privilege of hearing him give the Commencement Address at my youngest sister’s graduation from medical school. His humility was very refreshing. He is the first doctor to successfully separate Siamese twins who were joined at the top of their skulls. In fact, if any Siamese separation surgeries are taking place anywhere in the world where an expert is needed , guess who needs to be there?

He had very humble beginnings; he was raised in a single parent home in the projects. God gave his mother wisdom to help him and his brother stay in school and keep them out of trouble; they spent many evenings at the public library. He had to fight off the attraction of the streets to get to where he is today.

Like anyone else he experienced significant setbacks that would have prevented him from moving forward to his goal, but he did not allow them hinder him.

I have another example. Me.

I am a divorced single parent. Before that, I lost my mother at age 17 – after not living with her for five years. She died within 7 months after our family was reunited here in the U.S. I have fought low self-esteem and depression for a significant part of my life. When I feel that I’ve finally overcome, another life event shows up and the struggle begins again. I have worked on completing my MBA for about 3 years thus far; I just walked away from a class that I couldn’t handle at this time. I have experienced humiliation, financial embarrassment – and for the second time I am without a car.

But I am NOT giving up. A humble beginning and struggles do not reflect my expected end! I’ve been on my face more times than I can count, but I continue to rise again. My struggles may not seem as significant when compared to others (especially those superhero Biblical characters), but they are struggles. When I reflect and wonder why does life seem like a never-ending up-hill battle, I remember verses like: “but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God (1 Samuel 30:6).” He and his men had just returned to Ziklag after a battle involving the Philistines to find that their women and children were captured and their homes were burned with fire. The same men who were his “boys”, fighting with him and supporting him – turned on him! They were about to stone him to death because of what occurred. Never mind that David’s family was also missing…..After some time, David became the king of Israel and lived a very long life. God called him “A man after my own heart”, after all the mistakes he made and setbacks he endured!

I also think of so many other great people I have watched all around me and how they have fallen but they got up, raised their heads and their hands heavenward and kept it moving. We fall down and experience setbacks, but we can still get back up again!

So instead of mourning over the things that I can no longer change or control, I am determined to stay on the path that will take me to my destiny. I am encouraging myself in the Lord. I must lean and depend heavily on Him; no other person or thing can take His place.

I have a humble beginning, but I believe with ALL my heart that I WILL have a STRONG ENDING! AMEN!


Author: shellylove2002

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