Live, Listen, Learn, Move On

Early last year I was occupied for a few months; I was
assisting someone in establishing their life’s dream then suddenly
the scene changed and now I am no longer a part of that

I won’t go into any details, but I can share some lessons
I’ve learned in random order: 1. You cannot attach yourself to
everyone who wants you to attach yourself to them. Why? Because you
should first find out WHY they want you to be with them. Is it for
your good, or will you be left “high and dry” and hurt when it’s
all over? 2. Ensure that you are being completely honest with
yourself and others. Say what you mean and DEFINITELY mean what you
say! It’s easy to pretend that something isn’t bothering you when
it is clearly a concern. It is also easy to say “I didn’t mean that
when I said that” when deep down inside you know that you did. Let
us stay true to who we are. God honors integrity. It will be easier
to sleep at night with a clear conscience and without ulterior or
hidden motives. 3. Ask God to give you the spirit of discernment so
you can “see” who is around you and why. Not everyone who encircles
you wants to hug you. Some who encircle you want to rip you apart
(just like wolves do to their prey); some want to take from you and
keep on going. Allow your heart to LISTEN to God’s heart. He may be
trying to tell you something. 4. Be patient and allow life to take
its natural course. Don’t force anything to happen
prematurely. 5. Every snake will hiss at some point. If someone is
not real or has ill intentions toward you, you will know it sooner
or later. I have prayed some serious prayers along those lines for
many years. God will show you what you need to know, if you are
willing to listen and learn. 6. Take the high road every time. No
matter how you have been hurt, misused or abused, first get
yourself out of harm’s way then seek help for yourself. You need to
heal. Don’t allow bitterness and revenge to take over as you will
not be any better than the person who misused or abused you. Allow
God to handle them on your behalf. Ask God to help you to love them
even AFTER they have hurt/misused/abused you. After all, we are all
in various stages of deliverance. Let us continue to pray for each


Author: shellylove2002

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