So what did you expect?

Did you think that they would love you unconditionally without question, without desiring to see the real you?

Did you expect they would take you in immediately and make you part of their family or group right away? With no questions asked? With no issues placed on the table?

So what did you expect?

Hearts open to hearing you – I mean REALLY hearing you?

Hearts understanding your struggles and setbacks – I mean, really?

What did you expect?

You really thought they’d willingly extend a helping hand and offer good advice?

Didn’t it occur to you that they would wonder about you? That they would question your motives for what you did or said even if you were just being yourself? Why didn’t you see the box they were placing you in? Aren’t you different from many, though? You thought they would see that, right?

What were you thinking?

Why do you think that in their world everyone would be welcomed with open arms?

Not because their little world says “Christian” in the title it means they really represent the true and living God and His mantra of “Love one another.”

Why did you think that way?

What did you expect?




Welcoming with open arms?

Why did you think that way?

What did you expect?

Know that although the title says “Christian” it houses all kinds.

There are some who hate to love and who love to hate.

There are some who love, and love with all their hearts.

Where are the ones who love with all their hearts?

Why do they seem so far away?

Where are the ones who hate hate?

Where are the ones who love love?

I am still looking for them. For him. For her.

Where are you?

What did you expect?


What were you thinking?


Why did you think that way?

Because of Love, Jesus’ Love.


Author: shellylove2002

Hi! I hope you've enjoyed my posts on www.michellegcameronwrites.com. I am also the author of "It's My Life and I Live Here: One Woman's Story" and "I'm Single. Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free." I am also the author of "The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny" and "Write That Book: Tips For New Authors." They are available on www.michellegcameron.com/shop/ and also on Amazon, B&N and everywhere that books are sold. Feel free to connect with me via Twitter @ShellyLove2002, on Instagram at @michellegcameronllc & on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CameronMichelleG See you again soon!

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