Free to be ME!

There were times when I hesitated to say or do something for fear of what others would think about me. I’m now at a place where I’m freer than I’ve ever been. It took some time for me to get to this place because of instances where I felt I couldn’t be myself at all.  After hiding from others for years (not because I had anything to hide, but just for self-protection), it’s refreshing to look at others and share exactly what I’m thinking without “coding” it first.

Being ridiculed for my ideas or thoughts was something I lived with for many years, mainly by peers and during my marriage. (I shared about this in my book, “It’s My Life and I Live Here: One Woman’s Story“.) I am thankful for the freedom that I’ve experienced as I’ve found my voice again. I can tell someone how I feel and not fear being rejected or laughed at. I can be myself and not wish I was someone else.

I am FREE to be ME!




Pursuing What Counts in 2013

This blog was first launched on December 29, 2010. Two years of triumphs and tragedies have passed since then, and I am thankful that I am still here to share this special moment with you – the end of yet another year.

We’ve seen significant changes financially, spiritually, socially, in politics, and in our communities all around us. We’ve buried many children due to violence, like the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School horror in Newtown, Connecticut (USA) and Trayvon Martin’s untimely death in Florida. Some cities like Chicago, Illinois (USA) have buried over 500 people in 2012 due to violence alone. Wars have erupted in the Middle East and in other world regions as governments and regimes fight for various rights or privileges. People crush each other any moment they get a chance (on social media, in the workplace) because of the fierce competition that is now ensuing.

What about our futures? What type of world are we creating for the generations coming up behind us? Are we proud to show our children how materialistic we’ve become? Is having all the latest gadgets, clothes, shoes and cars the only way to show that we’re “really living”? Do we make the effort to extend ourselves to help others, or are we content with the “us four, no more” mentality?

When we are at work, can anyone say that we genuinely care about their well-being, even if we are managers? Or is self-preservation the name of the game?

What about our church circles? The shame and embarrassment seems unending when news is broadcasted about our issues. Are we willing at all to step aside and allow God to take full control of our private appetites so they do not boil over and become public disgraces?

We need a revival of our souls. We are thirsty and are reaching for things that will never satisfy us!

2 Chronicles 7: 14 – 15 (NKJV, Holy Bible) states:
“….if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.”

I have such a spiritual hunger and thirst deep within me now that I cannot truly explain. I’m at a place in my life now where dressing in the latest labels and designs are a nice-to-have and is not required. Driving the latest model car means nothing to me now; I’ve done that twice before. Living in the “right” zip-code means very little; I’ve done that before too. What I NEED, more than anything else, is more of GOD. He speaks to me in the small things and in the big things. His care is evident. His love is precious. He speaks to my soul in ways I cannot describe adequately. Dreams, desires and ministries are birthed when we submit our lives into His hands.

As we embark on a new journey that begins in just a few hours (less than 12 hours), let us stop the busyness, step away from our electronic devices for some time and give God our undivided attention. He longs to commune with us. His presence gives us unexplainable peace of mind. His presence brings divine revelations on how to proceed in our lives. His love envelops us and heals us of past hurts and disappointments. These are not just cute sayings; these are REAL results when we stay and pray. Meditation on the Bible is vitally important in growing and developing us as living examples. Reading biblically-grounded books help as well. Take notes as you meditate, read and reflect. Allow God to push you into your next place of blessing (or testing).

I want to worship God with ALL my heart, mind, soul and spirit. I want to worship Him as I approach a new year with new challenges and new blessings.

Will you join me?

I wish a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2013 to you and your families!

Thoughts for Today (and Everyday)

Just a quick post to share with you:

God loves you. He’s not finished with you yet! No matter what you’re facing today, just know that He has You in the palm of His hand. No experience should be wasted. Anything we go through is meant to help someone else. Endure and come out victorious!

Understand that nothing happens in your life that surprises God. He knew you would be right where you are, right now. He’s not shocked at all, believe me. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. This means that you cannot do ANYTHING to earn His love. That’s right. NOTHING AT ALL. You only have to accept His love and ask Him to forgive you of your sins. 

Treasure your moments with family and friends because all too soon it becomes just a memory. (Trust me on this one.) Hug often. Tell them you LOVE them. Do not be ashamed to say this to parents, cousins, siblings, friends, etc. 

Take your relationship with God SERIOUSLY. Your relationship with God should be the MOST important relationship to you, like your air that you breathe. Don’t be super-deep and spooky, just be serious about your relationship with Him. He longs to speak to you and to show you things that you didn’t know or understand before. Get in His Word more (I’m speaking to myself here as well). Pray. Meditate. WORSHIP. Thank Him. Tell Him you love Him.

Make your life a daily profession and confession of your relationship with God. Without preaching a sermon, others should be able to tell that you are DIFFERENT. 

And remember THIS: We’re not perfect, we’re REDEEMED. AMEN! 



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