There is a CHANGE on the horizon!

Hi everyone,

So much has happened since the year started. The flu came and grabbed me within the first few days of the year and I’m just starting to feel 98% myself. My son suffered as well (but thankfully we were able to avoid the worst via TamiFlu). Now it’s February! I am thankful that I’m still here, and that we are getting better. There is so much to look forward to in 2018.

One thing that has gotten me excited over the past few days is this movement that’s building to get us all free from cyclical patterns that can hinder us from moving ahead into all that we desire. That movement is the #BreakTheCycle Challenge led by Married & Young’s founders, Jamal & Natasha Miller. I have been a follower of the M&Y ministry for a few years now, so my excitement stems from that place where I’ve watched them grow and develop into amazing leaders. This note is my invitation for you to join us, starting TOMORROW, Monday Feb 5 as we go through this process of preparing our hearts to destroy thoughts, patterns, habits and histories that are like weights and hindrances in our lives. Divorce, abuse, neglect, abortion, overeating, pornography, abandonment, and so on…let’s pray, fast, learn, cry and be strengthened in our journey so that we become stronger, healthier, wiser and more equipped for our future.

Click HERE to join us; we’re already over 20,000 strong and we can’t wait for tomorrow morning to get here!


A Special Announcement!

Hi everyone,

I have been working on my second book and I shared quotes and reviews in earlier posts. Now I am ready to share the cover for my new book!

Here it is!

Cover for my 2nd book
My book cover!

The book launch will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

Thank you in advance for your support.


Hi everyone,

For approximately one year I have been going through a leadership development process at my church which culminated today in catechism. Catechism is an event where our beliefs, thoughts, doctrinal concepts, etc. are challenged by current seasoned church leaders. We sat in the room in small groups of two or three and were asked over 30 questions each. This process takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

I am happy to say that I passed catechism TODAY and I am now preparing to give my initial sermon on Friday October 18! I will be an Associate Minister!

I am totally amazed by God. His ways totally surpass mine, and His plans are always different from anything I could have ever imagined!

Thoughts for Today (and Everyday)

Just a quick post to share with you:

God loves you. He’s not finished with you yet! No matter what you’re facing today, just know that He has You in the palm of His hand. No experience should be wasted. Anything we go through is meant to help someone else. Endure and come out victorious!

Understand that nothing happens in your life that surprises God. He knew you would be right where you are, right now. He’s not shocked at all, believe me. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY. This means that you cannot do ANYTHING to earn His love. That’s right. NOTHING AT ALL. You only have to accept His love and ask Him to forgive you of your sins. 

Treasure your moments with family and friends because all too soon it becomes just a memory. (Trust me on this one.) Hug often. Tell them you LOVE them. Do not be ashamed to say this to parents, cousins, siblings, friends, etc. 

Take your relationship with God SERIOUSLY. Your relationship with God should be the MOST important relationship to you, like your air that you breathe. Don’t be super-deep and spooky, just be serious about your relationship with Him. He longs to speak to you and to show you things that you didn’t know or understand before. Get in His Word more (I’m speaking to myself here as well). Pray. Meditate. WORSHIP. Thank Him. Tell Him you love Him.

Make your life a daily profession and confession of your relationship with God. Without preaching a sermon, others should be able to tell that you are DIFFERENT. 

And remember THIS: We’re not perfect, we’re REDEEMED. AMEN! 



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