Moving On….

It’s definitely time to move on. But how can we move on with ties to our past and to our present? Many of us are so very comfortable in our “in-between” stage of life that we’re “Stuck”.

I’ve moved on in areas of my life that I never thought I’d have to, but are now part of my reality. I just want to mention also that moving on is emotional, spiritual, mental, and finally, physical.

I found within my experience that when it’s time to go, I get a nudge in my spirit. Then if I doubt the nudge, I get Scriptures coming to me (from Bible reading, from listening to sermons, etc.). Now if I STILL doubt the moment for the move, I get restless, not much sleep and almost everyone with whom I speak to says something profound that confirms that my “Moving On Moment” has arrived.

So emotionally I begin to unpack some baggage. I cannot take all of what I have now with me to my new place. I also look around and notice I have new luggage to carry; I will need new tools, new thought patterns and new perspectives at my new destination.

During a move, what else changes, you may ask? The faces you see around you. Less and less you will see people with whom you have become familiar, even comfortable. Moving on means moving into the unfamiliar.

When I physically moved recently due to the end of my marriage, I moved to a new neighborhood that was close to my relatives and my job. At first I wondered whether I would “pick up where I left off”. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s as if I moved to another country. (I am even finding out about streets that I never knew existed when I was living in this region over 10 years ago.) That’s how different it is than the last time I lived in this area. What was familiar then is now very unfamiliar, and strangely uncomfortable.

So as I move on in different stages in life, I am learning that each move requires leaving my comfort zones for unfamiliar territory. Whenever I have to do that, my mouth gets dry and my hands get clammy, but guess what? I PRAY A LOT. I’m not kidding. That’s when I open my heart to God, and let Him know that I am accepting the move He has orchestrated for me.

Nervous? Yes. Confident? Yes. Sounds conflicting, right? But so it is with moving on….. Our emotions, minds, our spirits and our souls become involved, but when all is yielded to the Voice from on high, confidence must replace panic or fear. At this moment peace is restored. Joy wells up within me because now I’m one step closer to where I need to be – closer to my destiny.

I crave your prayers.

Happy New Year! Out with the old, and definitely in with the new.

Remember, for the new to come, the old has to be thrown out. Let’s welcome 2011 – the GREAT year of MANIFESTATION!



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