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Two of these reviewers are husbands, and one is a single young man, yet all of them have indicated a need for this book.

I am thankful for this moment. Get ready to read a book that will enhance and possibly change your life!

Stay tuned! #July2014 #BookRelease 

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I sense a change in my life-situation now. People are drawing close, others are drifting away and things are definitely changing. Changing for the good, is what I believe. It may not FEEL good, but I know it is for my good.

As fear leaves (because fear hinders growth), I feel myself stretching to attain what others dare to say I cannot do. I know I need to press forward in the areas that need development. I won’t list them here, but I know everyone can relate to this.

More on this later……

The Split

I’ve split up with several people over the years, and not just in romantic terms. Splitting up, calling it quits, walking away – whatever you call it – has become necessary for me to get to my destiny.

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