The Naked Truth (Sept 2009)

For many years I have struggled with loving who I am and fully embracing my unique personality. I have heard many descriptive words, but being misunderstood (or misinterpreted) must be ranked first on the list.

Today as I prepared to go to church I realized this:

1. Wishing you were someone else means you are assuming that God made a mistake when He created you.

2. When you see others’ lives and wish yours were something like theirs, you would need to see the entire  story first. You may not want what they have after learning the entire story.

3. If you are just like everyone else, that would make your existence unnecessary.

4. God created all of us to fill in a niche that no-one else can. That fact was demonstrated clearly to me when I attended a cafe spot recently. As various audience participants walked up to advertise whatever show/event/initiative they were promoting, it was interesting to note that no-one’s event was exactly the same as the other person’s. Each had a different angle; each person was tapping into the gifts and passionate pursuits that God had placed within them. For example, if 2 people did poetry, one was more thought-penetrating or funnier than the other. If 3 groups sang, all had a different sound.

If I am so different that many people shake their head in wonderment as I pass by, then God must have very interesting plans up ahead – just for me!


Thank you GOD!




I am available.

Like a cup, I contain life, joy, peace, many other gifts and selfless giving. As the Owner of this vessel picks me up from the shelf, may His gifts that He poured generously into me spill on the saucer and on all other areas. May people’s lives be touched and changed permanently by His outpouring into and on me.

If I develop a fissure (or crack) on the side from my tripping and falling here and there, my marred existence will still receive the outpouring from its Owner. The fissure on the side could have caused Him to discard me, but in His mercy, forgiveness and unfailing love He has chosen to use me anyway!

As He pours, and as I leak from the fissure on the side and eventually overflow, may lives reap from the shaping, developing and regenerating of me – all for His glory.

I am available.


Serving an Audience of One

Recently I reviewed some of the earlier stages in my life and I realized that I spent a great deal of time attempting to impress the people who impressed me. I spoke with a friend on the all-important Audience of One. This Audience is the only One I need to be concerned about when I do or say (or think about) anything. My only aim should be to please my Audience.

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Wholeness, by way of Brokenness

Have you ever been broken? Has your heart ever been shattered in a million pieces, or has your mind been broken by the cares of life?

Do you believe it’s impossible or it is too late for restoration and renewal?

Look to God, the Mender of broken hearts, minds and spirits. Look to Him for renewal and healing. He is the Master Healer; He knows how to create a new heart from one that seems to be destroyed beyond repair.

I thank God for healing me and for making me whole, inside and out. I thank God that I do not show the scars or pain and suffering I’ve experienced.


There is healing for the soul.


The Link Between Strong Ministries & Servant-Leaders

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with an associate. We attended the same church several years ago, so we began discussing our varied church experiences. She made a statement that made me think, and I paraphrase: “Sometimes our season is over at a certain place and we need to be open to when God says it’s time to move on. Instead of moving on we may drag our feet or try to get comfortable, but the main reason that we should be involved in ministry is to serve.”

She is CORRECT! She elaborated some more by stating that we sometimes want to stay at a certain church because we are loyal to the leader there, but for various reasons it may be time to let go.

Please understand that this post is not intended to encourage anyone to move from church to church for no clear reason. What we discussed was the ministry needs of our families. Where we had attended was not ministering to our children effectively so they did not want to be there. They were not treated as priority, which saddened my heart. God has a special place in His heart for children, so why shouldn’t we?

We were also seeking ministries where our leaders were servant-leaders. A strong ministry has servants at their helm. When we have leaders who are self-serving and demand to be served, then we have an issue. Honor should be given where honor is due, but honor should be earned and not demanded. Respect and honor are automatically given to anyone who is humble and seeks to give, not take.

I am thankful for the ministry in which I serve now. My highest respect goes out to my Bishop who takes the time to invest in our youth. Our church is now too large for him to do it all by himself, but I know in his heart he wishes he could.

May God BLESS our ministries’ servant-leaders! You are indeed examples on how Jesus ministered to people as He walked this earth many years ago. Walking in His steps means serving “the least of these.”

The Split

I’ve split up with several people over the years, and not just in romantic terms. Splitting up, calling it quits, walking away – whatever you call it – has become necessary for me to get to my destiny.

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Ensuring This Thing is Real…..

1 Corinthians 9:27 (KJV):

“But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.”

While living as Christians on life’s journey, we may experience moments of praise and admiration from others, especially if our gifts and callings bring us constantly before others and we are good at what we do. There is nothing really wrong with praise and admiration – except that once we get a steady dose of praise we tend to believe our own press. Now we begin feeling entitled to preferential treatment and deference from those in “lower ranks” than ourselves.

We may preach, sing, dance (liturgically), prophesy, speak in tongues (and interpret tongues), dance in the spirit or even lay hands on others and they become delivered. Let us make sure that in all what we do or take part in, we are constantly communicating with God. Constant communication with the King of kings keeps us humble. Studying His Word will cause us to remember that we are flesh and blood who are as vessels being used by the Master. We have no entitlement. Respect is due to those who are in positions of authority and on whom a clear call from God is evident in their lives, but let us remember that what we have, He allowed. What we can do, He endowed. What we see, He permitted.

Let us keep ourselves prostrate before the King of kings. Let us make sure that what we have is real, tried and true. May we allow God to keep us focused, lest we preach Christ to others and we turn out as hypocrites in the end.



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