So I had the opportunity to visit my country of origin, Jamaica, two years in a row! The difference this time is I spent time in MoBay, Ocho Rios (only a couple hours there) and Kingston. The view was refreshing, and that moment when I was in front of the house I grew up in was one of the most exciting highlights for me. I saw people I grew up with and met some new faces.

The main reason for my visit to Kingston was in response to an invitation by a childhood friend who is now a pastor. I was the main speaker on Women’s Day, and honestly, the outcome of that day has had me really taking a deep, introspective look at myself and my life. I wonder where is this going?!?

The warmth and friendliness is greatly missed, as the Northeast U.S. isn’t as friendly. Attention to detail and treating people the way you’d like to be treated is something I haven’t experienced in a while, so please bear with me as I reminisce….

I shared my testimony with the church (as outlined in my book – “It’s My Life and I Live Here: One Woman’s Story”), which is an unusual way to handle a Sunday morning message. Although I thought they needed a traditional sermon, God had me abandon those notes and just stick with my life-story. I am thankful for my obedience because the response and outcome was HUGE. The Holy Spirit moved mightily. The altar was packed. People were crying – as in BAWLING. I believe that MAJOR breakthroughs took place on that Sunday. I hugged and prayed for a few of the ladies at the end of the service.  Many shared how much they could relate to all or some of my story, and they were blessed and encouraged. My photos are few (for now) and there are no audio recordings because everyone was really paying attention. I’m actually fine with that because I know I want God to be glorified in that moment than for us to capture every detail.

Balcony view in Kingston
Balcony view in Kingston
Balcony View in MoBay - Copy
Balcony view in Montego Bay
Hills in Kingston
Hills in Kingston
Me by the beach at Dunns River
Me at the beach – Dunn’s River Ocho Rios
Us singing at the end
Singing at the end of the testimony……
The people as I spoke
Part of the congregation…..
Me speaking 2 - Talking about my book
I shared on my book….
People climbing Dunns River Falls
People climbing Dunn’s River Falls
Sea in Kingston
Sea in Kingston
Flyer for DPNTCOG speaking July 21 2013 - Copy
The flyer for speaking engagement

Representing the black, green & gold! Our Jamaican flag.....
Representing the black, green & gold! Our Jamaican flag…..
Welcome to Jamaica - MoBay
My arrival in Montego Bay

I can’t wait to go back to visit! 

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