Walking Out Your Purpose

We are all on a journey, on a path that will define our lives and will impact how we will be remembered.

What do you want your loved ones to remember you for? What is your “life-theme”?  I realize that many of us live from day to day, just trying to keep things flowing and together – but we must realize that each moment that we are alive is fleeting. We cannot go back to that minute we missed. Those of us who have lost loved ones can attest strongly to that fact.

I’ve been seeking God for years now in an effort to understand my true purpose. Why was I created? I know it’s to serve God and to love others, but what is it specifically? I know some of it, but I don’t know all of it yet. I know that writing is one of the mediums that God is using to make a significant impact in the lives of many. In fact, by you reading this post, you are part of what God is doing in my life.

Sometimes I look within (and at the mirror) and wonder what does God really see in me. As flawed as I am, He has decided to use me anyway! Every time I think of it I am humbled and I feel unworthy. With all my issues, setbacks, thought-processes and pain, He STILL decided to choose me.

He has chosen YOU as well! Did you know that?

Ask God to show you why you were created. Most times our purpose is connected to our passion for something, or it is linked to an issue that has irritated or hurt us, or has impacted our loved ones. Living out our purpose fixes problems! Our purpose fulfills us and gives us that fuel to keep moving forward.

When someone is living out their purpose, they may seem driven and they succeed at what they do. Walking into their purpose comes naturally to them, and even if hard work is involved they are almost magnetized to the work that they have to do. Purpose-driven work doesn’t feel like work. Visionaries will put in hours and hours of work and still feel rejuvenated afterwards! If failure occurs (and it will), purpose-driven people will get up, dust themselves off, ask God for more clarity and keep pressing forward. Not because God gave us a vision of what He wants to do through us it means that our execution will be 100% perfect and error-free.

People who are living out their purpose aren’t too concerned about what they may be missing out on today. They are focused on building what is important to them, and they know that during the “grinding” process a solid foundation is being laid. After the foundation is built, then all that they seemed to be missing out on becomes a reality – and typically it happens on a much grander scale than they had ever envisioned!

People walking into their purpose are not afraid to walk alone. They are actually prepared to take the journey alone because they realize that the vision was given to them, and not to someone else.

Walking out one’s purpose is a pathway of faith that typically has a very small, seemingly insignificant beginning. Ideas are birthed in the hearts of God’s purpose-filled people.  As time goes by, purpose-driven people begin implementing the vision in small steps. The process is bathed with prayer, fasting and intentional study of God’s Word. Meditation and introspection occurs frequently. Actions become more intentional and focused. Time management now becomes vitally important. Godly connections with like-minded people are made, and God is glorified in every stage of development. Some of us will reach national (and international) platforms with our purpose. Others of us may remain in our local communities, but will make a profound impact that has a long-term ripple effect. Regardless of where your purpose takes you, NEVER play small! Your God is too big for that!

Lift up your heads with boldness, courage and determination! Never give up! Allow God to speak to you and to show you what to do next. As I said at the beginning of this post, I do not know exactly where my purpose will take me, but I am open to what God wants me to do and to where He wants me to go.

Let us remember the vision that God shared with us in the beginning, and let’s walk into our purpose today!

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