An Article on Armed Magazine!

Sometime ago I submitted a request to write for a magazine, not knowing how it would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was accepted as a writer! Here is my first published article for Armed Magazine, “Becoming a Wife Before Your Husband Finds You”.

I pray that you are blessed by it!


Author: shellylove2002

Hi! I hope you've enjoyed my posts on I am also the author of "It's My Life and I Live Here: One Woman's Story" and "I'm Single. Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free." I am also the author of "The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny" and "Write That Book: Tips For New Authors." They are available on and also on Amazon, B&N and everywhere that books are sold. Feel free to connect with me via Twitter @ShellyLove2002, on Instagram at @michellegcameronllc & on Facebook at See you again soon!

2 thoughts on “An Article on Armed Magazine!”

  1. Congrats! Stay steadfast and motivated in God, not trusting even in yourself to sustain you because we all fall short of his Glory and weary at times in well doing. Keep pressing. God is moving in your life and sometimes momentum ebb and flows, but know that God is in total control; even if you feel like you have become stagnate. Keep the faith!

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